Evening Performances

Friday May 21 @ 7:30pm

Saturday May 22 @ 7:30pm

Friday May 28 @ 7:30pm

Saturday May 29 @ 7:30pm

Matinee Performances

Sunday May 23 @ 1:30pm 

Saturday May 29 @ 1:30pm 


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CAST: (in order of appearance)

Ironworker - Andrew Kluchnick

Project Manager - Alessia Antinore

Fast Food Worker - Jacob Long 

Hedge Fund Manager - Andrew Doyle

Teacher - Olivia Falasca

Flight Attendant - Sofia DiCostanzo

Interstate Trucker - Ryan Elmore

Tech Support - Samuel Huber

Receptionist - Lacey Cicalese

Housewife - Annika Pickard

UPS Delivery Man - Benjamin Shinault 

Fundraiser - Nina Barlow

Millworker - Molly Maher

Community Organizer - Beatrice Fraga

Mason - Joshua Atkinson

Publicist - Corinne Lachall

Waitress - Cambria Klein

Retiree - Andrew Doyle

Firefighter - Ryan Elmore

Elder Care Worker - Jacob Long

Nanny - Cambria Klein 

Cleaning Woman - Taylor Meachum

Young Salesman/College Student - Aidan Phillips

Ex-newsroom Assistant - Cameron Denning 


Featured Dancers:  Victoria Cerini, Lacey Cicalese, Sofia DiCostanzo, Cambria Klein, Jacob Long, Julianna Ruff, Skyleena Thach

Ensemble: Laura Ayoub, Lalin Brady, Victoria Cerini, Adeline Colciaghi, Lindsey Cuellar, Norah Dolan, Isabella Falasca, Sophia Fitter, Kelsey Gearhart, Lucy Kerr, Jazlyn Krause, Mira Parejo, Julianna Ruff, Skyleena Thach, Julianna Torres, Quin Zacamy